Carbon County Office of Emergency Management

Message: Tuesday, Sep 8, 8:00 AM

Statement from Carbon County Office of Emergency Management

Town of Hanna residents shelter in place orders have been lifted.

Residents with door hangers from Black Hills Energy, please follow directions on hanger (notice).


Carbon County Office of Emergency Management

Message: Monday, Sep 7, 8:00 AM

Message from Black Hills Energy   

Statement from Black Hills Energy
 Regarding work being performed in Hanna, WY 09/07/2020


Black Hills Energy crews are beginning to purge the Hanna natural gas system.  Customers may smell natural gas.  This is step one in the multistep process.  Today customers will see Black hills Energy employees at their door to ensure safe delivery of natural gas and to relight appliances.  Please ensure someone over 18 years of age is present and all animals are secure.  Thank you for your patience and understanding. And thank you for being our customer!  

Message: Sunday Sep 6, 6:35 PM

 Black Hills Energy letter explains process necessary to have gas service restored.


Black Hills Energy technicians have started the process of bringing natural gas customers back online following the request of local firefighters to completely shut down the Hanna, Wyoming, system last night. “The process of bringing customers back on to the system requires several steps,” said Bo Secrest, gas operations manager for Black Hills Energy Wyoming. “We must first make sure all gas meters are off, then purge the system so that it’s ready for the reintroduction of the natural gas supply. Finally, our technicians will need to go door-to-door and relight each customer’s gas appliances.” Black Hills Energy customers can assist us in expediting the relighting efforts by providing access to gas meters and restraining pets who may be on the premises. Additionally, it is required that someone over 18 years of age be present during the relighting process. Black Hills Energy is aware that the National Weather Service has issued a winter storm watch for the area, and will work diligently to make sure that all customers are back on the system as quickly as possible. Our technician’s top priority is to safely return our customers to service.

Message:  Sunday Sep 6, 12:30 PM 

The Carbon County Office of Emergency Management is coordinating with local authorities for Hanna residents that have been evacuated to re-enter their homes.  Residents can re-enter their homes at 1 pm Sunday, September 6th utilizing US HWY 30.  

Power has been restored to all homes.  Black Hills Energy will be going door to door to re-light  pilot lights for customers that have natural gas services.  Authorities have asked residents to shelter in place when they re-enter the community.   

American Red Cross is assisting direct contact with evacuees that have been using their services. If you have any questions, please contact Carbon County Dispatch at 307.324.2776 then press option Zero (0). 

End Message.


Fire (Hanna Fire): The Town of Hanna was in Full Mandatory Evacuation. The Fire was stopped yesterday, September 5th, before it entered Hanna City Limits. No Residential Structures in the Town of Hanna Experienced Damages Due to the Fire. Power and Gas Remain Off in the Town of Hanna. Power and Gas Companies are currently this morning, September 6th, working to  Restore Utilities.
 Re-Entry Orders have been given as it's now safe for residents to return and Gas and Power is being restored. 

End Report.