Land Records

Land Records

Records are currently available to you at the Land office at:
Carbon County Courthouse
215 West Buffalo Street, Suite 217
Rawlins, WY 82301
Phone: 307-328-2677

Please enter at the west door.


Per State Statute, the County Clerk must charge fees for copies. View the following list of fees and a full list of fees effective July 1, 2013 (PDF):

  • Additional Recording Fee For More Than Five Grantor/Grantee Names (Per Name): $1
  • Additional Recording Fee For Each Section, Quarter, Quarter-Quarter, Block, Lot, or Tract in Excess of Ten: $1
  • Any Instrument First Page: $12
  • Certification: $5
  • Copy of Public Record: $0.25 per page
  • Each Additional Page: $3


As of July 19, 2017 Carbon County is now accepting recordings submitted electronically through a certified, contracted vendor. If you are interested in submitting e-recordings please contact any of the following approved vendors. These are listed alphabetically and the county has no preference on which vendor you choose to use.

Digital Archives

Gwynn Bartlett, Carbon County Clerk, is pleased to announce the completion of a digital archiving project of 58,388 county documents. The Carbon County Archive Project makes available for the first time tract indexes, marriage license books, and grantor/grantee records dating back to 1867. Access these records.

iDoc Announcement

January 1, 2018 we switched to iDoc Market! This will allow users to signup online and use mobile devices such as an iPad or iPhone! Your iDoc account will be inactivated automatically and you'll need to visit iDoc Market to signup on or after January 1!

Records recorded in the Carbon County Clerk's Office are available online at iDoc Market website. Simply search for Carbon County, Wyoming and signup there!


Validated documents are uploaded to this site each night providing you with the most current information. From the site you will be able to search on various fields of information and even print copies of recorded documents. Also keep in mind that this office can burn cds of documents for specified date ranges, print reports, or you are welcome to continue receiving your copies directly from the office for the fees currently charged. Payment is due up front. We will continue to strive to provide you with excellent service.